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Contact: Debbie Cox - chairperson

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Harriman Ice Fishing Derby - History

Derby History


1985 - Our first derby, a one day event; 223 participants, 11 sponsors; one of four tagged fish caught.

1986 - Lengthened to two days; 227 tickets sold; 62 sponsors of cash prizes. The $10,000 tagged fish was caught, as were 14 of the 62 specially tagged fish.

1987 - After the 10K fish was caught last year, sponsored trout grew from 62 to 89; 267 participants despite severe weather conditions.

1988 - A record 130 trout stocked, 347 participants caught 25% of the tagged fish.

1989 - The biggest event to date, a record 464 contestants braving 20 below zero wind chills, 22% of the 131 fish were caught.

1990 - Another record turnout with an increase of $300 in prize money; Sunday brought over 15 inches of snow!

1991 - Prize money increased, making a total of over $1100 in the fish category and almost $20,000 in total money.  537 adults and 56 children entered.  Among the many big catches was a 6 lb. Brown Trout.

1992 - Breaking records again, there were 697 fishermen braving the cold weather and high winds.  Mother Nature took the upper hand and only one of 149 tagged fish was caught.

1993 - In addition to the $10,000 fish a second specially tagged fish worth a $4000 ATV or snowmobile was added; 500 ice fishermen, who again contended with poor weather while catching 13 of the 150 tagged fish.

1994 - Mother Nature was particularly cruel, record cold temperatures and a wind chill of 40 below zero!  Only 300 hearty anglers braved the conditions to catch 13 tagged fish.

1995 - The original dates postponed due to unsafe ice during one of the mildest winters in decades.   By the alternative dates there was plenty of ice and contestants. 535 including 467 adults and 67 junior entries.  27 of the 140 tagged trout were caught.

1996 - A lot of extra expenses and headaches. A record 935 contestants.  A warming spell forced the postponement of the derby just HOURS before its scheduled start due to unsafe ice. That forced a second stocking of trout with new tags.  And as if that weren't enough the $10,000 trout was caught -- but then disqualified when it was learned that the contestant had used a sonar fishfinder in violation of derby rules!  26 tagged fish were caught.

1997 - Another record turnout with 960 Adults and 125 children.  Cold and wind marked the event which featured the catching of 22 tagged trout along with a 5.33lb. Brown Trout.

1998 - The $10,000 first prize fish was caught Saturday.  More than 1000 anglers participated under sunny skies and relatively mild temperatures.  25 tagged trout were caught.

1999 - Crazy weather, unseasonable warm followed by heavy rains forced the postponement of the derby -- not once but TWICE. It was worth the wait for 900 anglers, including a record 40 anglers who caught tagged trout.  Two for major prizes:  a pickup truck and an ATV.

2000 - Beautiful weather in the 20's attracted 850 anglers who caught 26 tagged fish and $2000 in prize money awarded.

2001 - Had over 1000 anglers and a $5000 ATV was won.

2002 - 700 Anglers caught 46 tagged fish.  $1000 cash prize was paid out and a $5000 snowmobile was won.

2003 - 1192 Tickets were sold.  48 of the 150 tagged fish caught and three $1000.00 cash prizes paid out. Tired of fighting Mother Natures bad humor - we NOW  schedule the derby for the FIRST SATURDAY AND SUNDAY IN FEBRUARY!

2004 - 1118 Contestants caught 13 of the 150 tagged fish.  Top prize won was a $5000 ATV.

2005 - 31 tagged fish were caught, 978 contestants ENJOYED THE 53 DEGREE SUNSHINE WEATHER ON BOTH DAYS! $1000 cash prize and $1940 paid out on the 31 tagged fish caught.  Contestants were sunbathing, riding snowmobiles shirt less, grilling and deep frying turkeys on the ice!  Sunblock was in desperate need with the reflection off the snow.  Lots of sunburn smiling faces!

2006 - 22nd Ice fishing derby was rescheduled due to heavy rain fall the first weekend in February.  Derby went off February 25th & 26th with 882

Contestants.  Saturday was typical "derby" cold of only 5 degrees and it was topped off with 12" of fresh snow!  We stocked the lake twice due to the

2007 - Like last year, this derby had to be postponed due to unseasonably warm weather.  We finally had ice in time for the 23rd annual derby on February 24th & 25th.  Saturday started with typical icy cold winds, but tempered off by the end of the day.  Sunday was a beautiful sunny day.  790 contestants.

2008- $26,000 in cash & prizes; anglers went home with $10,000 worth.  Michael Trevorrow went home with a new ATV valued at $5700.00!

2009- Tim Franceschetti won $500 with a 3.58 lb. Lake Trout.  Laurie Brewer won $500 Sunday with a 2.02 lb Brook Trout. The Big winner was Gregg Wapner of a Yamaha Big Bear 400 ATV.  Lukas Newell won the gas-powered ice auger.

2010 - 1st time in 26 years the Derby 100% cancelled! 1st weekend in February unsafe ice conditions and the last weekend in February we had 4' of snow! We did give away the Grand Prize sponsored by Brattleboro of Ford for a raffle of the tickets purchased.  Almira Aekus of Whitingham won the trip to Lake Ontario in May with Fatal Attraction Charters.

2011 - $1000 Biggest Fish sponsored by Auto Mall won by Steven Amidon. 

$500 Biggest Fish/Saturday sponsored by Bratt. of Ford won by Roger Crawford. 

$500 Biggest Fish/Sunday sponsored by Subaru of Keene won by Steven Amidon. 

$500 Ticket Holder sponsored by VT Yankee won by Robert Magnant 

Fish Mount sponsored by Barry Bouker won by Luke Ashworth 

$1850 paid out in 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Board Prizes.  

2012- $500 Biggest Fish on Saturday:  Sponsored by Subaru of Keene was won by Marcel Lemaire of West Dover, VT with a 3.82 lb. Lake Trout. 

$500 Biggest Fish on Sunday: Sponsored by Felton Tree and Landscaping in memory of two amazing men William Felton and “Mr. Bill” Cox incumbent President of the DVSCLub went to Tim Mattison of Arlington, VT for landing a 2.23 lb. brown trout. 

$1000 Overall Biggest Fish of the 2012 Ice Fishing Derby: Sponsored by Auto Mall and the DVSClub went to Glenn Tucker of Jacksonille, VT for landing a 4.5 lb Brown Trout.

$1,650.00 Paid out Board Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place. Headquarters moved to Fairview Avenue Boat Dock Area was well received.

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